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How to measure your dog's neck

There are two very easy ways to measure your dog's neck to determine what size collar will fit best. Most people don't have a cloth tape measure around and a metal tape measure doesn't quite work.  If your dog wears multiple collars at the same time, please measure where you want this one to sit.

  1. Use a collar that fits. Measure from the spot noted on the "male" end of the buckle. This is where the female side of the buckle meets the male side. In the picture below, after achieving a good fit, the collar size would be 18 inches.                                                        

  2.  Use a phone charger cable and loop it around your dog's neck. (The thickest area), pull it snug enough that you can fit two fingers between it and your dogs neck. Mark the cord at that point where the end lies on it. Measure this length on a tape measure to count the cord measurement into inches.

 Each piece of equipment is designed, and hand crafted in the United States, for your dog using his or her specific measurements. Handlers should measure their dogs, so collars aren't constrictive.

"In reality one size fits all doesn't fit anything well" 


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