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  • Custom cut to size waist lead with no unnecessary length that will tangle.


    To Measure: Please measure where you would like your waist lead to sit, this measurement is bigger than your pant/waist size.  ( Available up to 50 inches) We strongly recommend using a Tailor's Tape  for the most accurate measurement. 



    We pride ourselves on our products being custom made in the USA and our handler testing and approval process. Learn more about who we are and what we stand for here.

    Tube Waist Lead (Tubular Webbing)

    Colors Available

      • Tubular nylon webbing is heavy, strong and hollow in the middle.
      • In parachute construction, it can be used for making static lines.
      • Class 1A. Mil-Spec  Made in the USA. Berry compliant.
      • Breaking strength 4,000 lbs.
      • Thickness 0.07-0.08 inches
      • Stainless Steel Bolt Snap Swivel 
      • Stainless Steel Ring 
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