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  • "The Boof " slip lead is made of BioThane rope, biothane handle, stainless steel clamp rings, brass sleeves and marine grade heavy duty shrink wrap. We have upgraded our "Stop"! What was sewn before now has an Aluminum Chicago Screw which gives the Handler the option to keep it loose or tight. 


    The boof slip lead is much more than just a slip leash. It is a specialized training tool. The boof slip lead is perfect for training and extraordinary at perfecting your dog’s craft.


     Made and Sourced in the USA. 


    The Boof slip lead is  approximately 36 inches, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, 15f and 30ft.  We can even build a 50, 75 or 100 ft!(For Custom Lengths please contact us directly.) Want a custom color? Purchase 3 or more and we will get it for you! (Contact us for details, turnaround time could be longer depending upon availability.)


    Master dog trainers  have told ValorwearUSA, "This is the BEST slip lead I have ever used"! "Love The Boof, a must have"!, "Really like how the stop is done, Well Done"! 


    Introductory Price for Professional Dog Trainers, When purchasing Qty of 6  please contact us for details, Limited Time Offer.


    We pride ourselves on our products being custom made in the USA and our handler testing and approval process. Learn more about who we are and what we stand for here.

    "The Boof" BioThane Slip Lead

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