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  • Ideal for the Search and Rescue (SAR) community, the Rebi Rope meets Ford K9 Pro detection line is the latest offering in our detection dog series. 


    Ultra lightweight and available in custom lengths with and  without a handle, this line is perfect for the rugged terrain. The 1/4"  width makes for compact packing. 


    The proprietary PVC coating is resistant to thorns, needles and abrasion. The 500 lbs breaking strength is not designed for hauling or lifting but ideal for "feathering" and tactile reads of pulling to odor, COB and FR out of sight of the handler. 


    The Kong Frog machined aluminum carabiner attachment is large enough for easy use and lightweight for practical application. 


    The black Cerakoted bronze swivel is 4” above the carabiner and prevents twisting and knotting.

     Not to be used  as a Tie Out or in Agitation.


     For custom lengths, markers, colors (available for an additional cost) please contact us directly. 


    We pride ourselves on our products being custom made in the USA and our handler testing and approval process. Learn more about who we are and what we stand for here.

    Rebi Rope meets Ford Detection Pro

    Colors Available
      • 1/4 BioThane USA Rope
      • Genuine Kong Frog 
      • CerakotedTM Black - Bronze Swivel from  Kong 
      • Stainless Steel Hardware - Clamp
      • Marine Grade , Heavy Duty Shrink Wrap
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