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  • After a stringent review process of our collar, ValorWearUSA collars are approved for use with 

    Fi Series 3 GPS Tracker (MODULE NOT INCLUDED).




    Built from the ground up for MEDIUM to LARGE  breed dogs, ValorWearUSA 's Fi Series 3 Valor Adventure collars are unparalleled in strength, durability and technology!   


    Collar Specs: 

    AustriAlpin D-Ring COBRA ProStyle 18kN- Black.


    Genuine Mil-Spec Type 13 Resin Impregnated Parachute Webbing.


    American Made Webbing, 7000 lbs breaking strength.


    Collars are Handbuilt in the USA.


    The Collars are 1- 3/4" Wide with 3 inches of adjustability.


    Not sure which size  will best fit your dog?

    Please see our Menu, "How To Measure Your Dog's Neck".  


    Due to the Resin Impregnated Webbing, these collars clean up beautifully! 

    (See the "Care Instructions" in our Menu)


    Velcro Option is available to accommodate one of our NameTapes for personalization

     -Approximately 5".  ON 15"-18" COLLAR ONLY 3" OF VELCRO IS AVAILIBLE


    ID Tag -Loop Attachment  is an Option for  an additional fee $ 5.00.


    Collar is not intended for Agitation, BiteWork, Military or Police Applications. Please see our Valor  and Kiro Collars.


    This collar is NOT TO BE USED AS A TIE OUT! 


    Please refer to our video in product images for Simple Removal of Fi 3 Module. 


    Collar is built with one set of Endlink Brackets.  Does not include Fi Module. If you would like to purchase the Fi Module Tracking Device you can purchase one from their website! Please use this link :    Use the code:  VALORWEAR20 to save $20 off of you purchase! 


    We pride ourselves on our products being custom made in the USA and our handler testing and approval process. Learn more about who we are and what we stand for here.

    Fi Series 3 Valor Adventure Collar -1.75

    • Please see our Menu  , drop down tab "Shop", Leashes  and or Name Tapes!

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