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  • A modern approach to a staple in a patrol K9 handlers' gear bag for decades, The Conan Patrol Leash takes time tested applications to a new level. 


    Instead of leather, we use a three layer laminate that will not dry rot in a gear bag after getting wet. The Mil-Spec 17337 webbing provides texture for grip without burning hands. The frequently unreliable scissor snap is replaced with a Kong Italy -USA Frog Cable Carabiner. The utility of the D-Rings  to adjust length and a floating O-Ring to wear across the body make this the go to for all patrol applications. 


    For custom lengths, hardware substitutions and additions contact us for a quote. 


    We pride ourselves on our products being custom made in the USA and our handler testing and approval process. Learn more about who we are and what we stand for here.

    Conan Patrol Leash

      • American Made Webbing 
      • Genuine Kong Frog Cable Carabiner
      • CerakotedTM (Black) Bronze Swivel from Kong Italy- USA Frog, Stength Tested at 1100 lbs
      • CerakotedTM(Black) Stainless Steel (316) Bolt Snap
      • CerakotedTM (Black) Stainless Steel O Rings
      • Black Stainless Steel D-Ring 
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