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Introducing the BioThaneUSA Tab-Nub, the excellent training tool for Medium t o Large Dogs.  Made with BioThaneUSA Super Heavy, this 10-inch tab features a Stainless Steel swivel bolt snap 316, making it durable and reliable for training sessions. It is also designed to accommodate Valor Collars and V-Rings on our Harnesses, providing versatility and convenience. With its 5/8" width and easy-to-tie end, it can also be cut shorter if necessary for a customized fit. Whether for obedience training or casual walks, the BioThaneUSA Tab-Nub is a must have for any handler! 

BioThaneUSA Tab- Nub

    • Made with BioThaneUSA Super Heavy
    • Waterproof & Stinkproof
    • Cleans easily with mild dish detergent & water
    • 10 Inches End to End
    • Stainless Steel Swivel Bolt Snap 316
    • Will accomodate Valor Collars and V- Rings on our Harnesses
    • Easy to tie end in a knot  or Cut shorter if necessary. 
    • 5/8" Wide 
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