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Concrete Wall
Concrete Wall

Service Dog Langston
March 2023

Langston is a special guy for sure!

He is trained and certified as a medical alert dog.  He is a gentle giant and watches everything!

Trained @integrityk9services    (Instagram), Langston watches over his handler to detect and warn of medical distress.

  He is the perfect blend of companion and guardian. For more follow him on Instagram @langstons_sd_adventures

Concrete Wall

K9 Gara is handled, trained and loved
by @shaffer1121(Instagram)

Gara is a high energy female
Belgian Malinois, working as an
explosive detection dog.

She has worked some awesome details to include the Super Bowl in 2022!
Be sure to say hello to K9 Gara and her handler when passing through  Houston, Texas!  

K9 Gara
February 2023

Concrete Wall

January 2023 

Taz is one handsome French Bulldog! Owned and Loved by @realestatesolutionthewrightway

(on the Gram!)

He is quite the athlete

He is wearing his namesake "TAZ" Harness. Who says little guys can't be tacticool? 

(TAZ Harness will be available on our website soon.

Can't wait & want it now?  Contact us to get started! 

Concrete Wall


Rebi. Also known as The Reb. Loved and adored everywhere she goes, one thing stands true; "everyone wants a Rebi". Gentle and stable, Rebi has been to La Jolla, Beverly Hills and the mean street of Oro Valley (?).She is also prepared for other, less polite places. Whatever and wherever the job, Rebi is ready. Rebelia Policia Slovakia came to us after a stop or two before we became so fortunate as to have her share our home. SVV1, Rebi is a specimen. She’s a robust female at the very limit of the standard physically and more than capable of capturing hearts. A constant companion to Catherine, Rebi is a fearless and dedicated  defender of her mom and home. Physically imposing, she is often spoken of as being 85 pounds with 42 rounds. Rebi is from the world famous Policia Slovakia kennels in Vlkanova-Hronsek, Slovakia, where the best in police dogs for federal and state service are bred. We could not be more fortunate to have her. Far from the forests and mountains of Eastern Europe and her working responsibilities there, Rebi now enjoys early morning walks and the warm Arizona sunshine. 

Concrete Wall

December 2022

Valor the dog that started it all!

Companion, Protector, and Sport Dog titles in four different sports.  Valor is an 8 year old German Shepherd bred on old school Czechoslovakia working lines and born in the USA.  Valor is the inspiration for many of our ValorWearUSA products.

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